As a solo guest, or part of a panel, Ranee will stir up the dialogue and touch your audience's hearts.


Relationship Topic Suggestions:

  • Using Your Shoe Shopping Skills to Find a Fabulous Man
  • 4 Reasons Why So Many 35+ Women are Still Unhappily Single
  • The 4.5 Factors of Relationship Compatibility
  • 5 Steps to Improving Your Chances for a Successful Marriage


Health & Wellness Topic Suggestions:

  • The Connection between Our Love Life & Our Health
  • When You Work for a Short Man: Why Your Job is Killing You
  • Why “Wholistic” Health will Prevail in the 21st Century
  • Is Sexual Health Part of Our Overall Health?


Sexual Health Topic Suggestions:

  • Sex Myths that Hollywood Keeps Reenacting
  • Sexual Health for Women Over 40
  • Society is Screwing with the Heads & Futures of Gen Y
  • Are We Hard-Wired for Lust? Our Sexual History has the Answer


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