Let Ranee be the "older, wiser" sister! –Cathy (IL)
Ranee is like your older, wiser sister who tries to help you learn from her experiences.

She provides some helpful insights for women on getting their lives in order before choosing a life partner. In the movie Runaway Bride, Julia Roberts’s character is like a chameleon, adapting her style to whichever boyfriend she has at the time. Eventually, she figures out what she likes, needs, and wants for her life.

Similarly, Ranee's book helps women figure out what they want BEFORE they get married; and in doing so, will prevent women from being Runaway Brides.

Must Read before you decide to get married! -Rich (NC)
I believe this is a must read before a decision is made to get married. The book has many life lessons that can be learned. This will save someone time. And time has a value all to itself.

This book is GREAT for ALL Women! –Kelly (FL)
I saw Ranee speak on my college campus and her message hit me very strong. I subscribed to her wonderful inspirational email messages and of course read her book as soon as I had the opportunity. I was more than pleasantly surprised. Ranee uses humor and real life experience to share an important message about life and love to all women. There really is something for every woman in this book and definitely worth your time. It will make your heart happy. Enjoy!

Must read for every woman! –Lisa (PA)
I wish this book was available when I was growing up -- it would have helped me and I'm sure many others avoid much aggravation and heartbreak! The author is direct and humorous when describing situations to which all women can relate and reinforces one's values and self-worth. It's a must read for women of all ages.

Very refreshing! -Amy (CA)
A must read for any single female. A great help in navigating the dating world and lots of fun humor as well.

You will love this book! -Ray (CA)
The author really knows how to grab your attention. She makes you laugh and gives a great perspective on finding the 'you' before the 'I do.' It's a great read and I can't wait to have my girlfriends read and enjoy it as much as I did.

I can't get enough!! –Caroline (CA)
Ranee dishes the dirt on all the bad guys out there and makes you laugh like you're with your girlfriends. This book is so fun to read - I've been giving it to all my friends! The best part is finishing the book and realizing how important it is to 'choose' who's right for YOU, not to be 'chosen'. It's good to be strong! I loved this book!!

Rare and powerful teacher! -Rhea, MFCC
Ranee A. Spina is rare and powerful teacher, who gives her readers the courage to choose wisely as they make the most important decision of their lives: whom they should marry.

Book Ranee
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