Getting to the heart of whatever issues are occurring at your campus or within your organization - that’s what she believes in. Ranee takes the time to understand what topics need to be addressed for your particular audience. Genuine warmth and passion for her presentation material allow audiences to bond with her instantly. She gets personally involved just as she gets participants involved with her interactive presentations. After the lecture or workshop, Ranee is happy to answer individual questions.

Sex, Love, Boobs & Fireball
Issues of respect, safe sex, drinking and relationship dynamics are explored in an interactive presentation where you will almost continually find someone on stage with Ranee. She encourages audiences to get past all of the hype found in magazines, on television, and influenced by celebrities. Her no-nonsense, but extremely entertaining approach to relationship & self-worth is riveting and full of stories detailing her past mistakes that were all part of the journey called life.

Countering today's aggressive society, her thought-provoking program brings to the forefront the power (and consequences) of our choices. It is a fact that personal relationships have an impact upon one's self-worth and leadership abilities. Ranee has changed the mindset of students across the country by challenging them to succeed in both life and love.

Understanding Personal Safety & Sexual Assault
This important program has been a huge success as a C.A.R.E, CalWORKS, and EOP&S workshop. Give your students the necessary thought processes to protect themselves, and the information needed if an assault occurs. Though serious issues are discussed, the content is delivered with humor and wit, through personal stories that are relatable to diverse audiences. (Supports Title IX)

America & Its Sexual Schizophrenia
Are we hard-wired for lust? And, can we free ourselves from the myths & structures that bind us to dysfunction?

History, society, & religion shape our sexual beliefs. Sex is innate, but attitudes and practices are learned. This eye-opening program reveals why we are such a sexually illiterate nation and how we can adopt healthier beliefs and behaviors.

How do we know? A Sensitivity Workshop
What if everything you hold to be “truth” isn’t? What if you made those decisions before having all the facts to consider? In this workshop, we will uncover what drives our perceptions, and rethink how we view and respond to other people’s sexuality.

Girls’ Night Out
The most important relationship a woman will have in her lifetime is the relationship she will have with herself. And, in a society that does its best to shake the foundation of a woman’s belief in herself, every woman must learn to flip the switch from uncertainty to inner courage.

This powerful, intimate, self-leadership forum allows women to learn: the 3 myths that are a set-up for failure, the 2 actions that build confidence, and the 1 belief that all successful women must possess.

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