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"At some time or another, most of us have been a member of a 'great team.' It might have been in sports, or the performing arts, or perhaps in our work. We probably remember the trust, the relationships, the acceptance, the synergy - and the results we achieved." Great teams rarely start off as great; so this workshop discusses Peter Senge's principles and guiding practices to develop the skills of individuals who will create a "great team" culture.

Finding the Balance for Peak Performance

"Ranee, thanks for speaking to our business group last week in Newport Beach. I enjoyed the discussions and believe Finding the Balance is an important theme."
- Gary C., CEO

The purpose of this session is to help define areas of your life that need renewed energy or redefined commitment. We will examine where you are investing your time, how to optimize work potential, self-worth issues, and the What, Why, and How of perceived abundance. Many corporate executives experience burn-out in today's overworked and overloaded society. Learn how mastering the balancing act between work and personal life will allow you to meet your goals and achieve peace of mind.

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